Hats Off Construction Begins!

Wall Lowered, Old Counters Removed

Wall Lowered, Old Counters Removed

The building modifications are underway at Hats Off Coffee. In order to meet the health departments code, the floor will need to be tiled and the walls covered with fiberglass reinforced panel. The old wooden counters are also being replaced with stainless steel tables. As seen in the picture here, the dividing wall has been lowered. This will be topped with a narrow counter which will be handy for passing things on to customers as well as give the worker behind the counter a full view of the store.

This work  is being done by Peery Construction. Brad has been proven to be easy to work with and his crew is very efficient. We are looking forward to the finished product and can’t wait to get the coffee equipment installed. Before doing so, we’ll need to work on the plumbing. This is without a doubt the biggest challenge as all the plumbing work needs to be submitted for approval with the state.


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