Ethiopia – Natural Guji (1lb Bag)


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The cup: Spicy potpourri floral flavors with citric acidity and a nutty aftertaste.

Natural coffees are typically delivered the day they are harvested, and are first sorted for ripeness and quality before being rinsed clean of dirt. Then they are spread on raised drying beds or tables, where they will be rotated constantly throughout the course of drying. Drying can take an average of 8–25 days, depending on the weather.

It is important to note this coffee was intentionally processed utilizing anaerobic fermentation. In general, placing freshly-harvested cherries inside a sealed container or bag of some sort for a period of time will create a flavor impact. We find those anaerobically-fermented coffees often exhibit an increase in the intensity of fruit and acidity and a slight increase in the body. Nonetheless, the anaerobic fermentation process has a distinct impact on the outcome of the flavor profile.

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Heirloom Ethiopian Varieties

Proc. Method



1900-2200 MASL

Harvest Schedule

November – January

Grind Options

Whole Bean, Ground


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